About Us

Heaven’s Gift Wedding Concierge is the merger of two strong establishments namely, Heaven’s Gift – The Special Events Planner, as well as Wedding Concierge.

Heaven’s Gift, founded by Hannah Chong, has been the force behind one-of-a-kind weddings and celebrations in Singapore. The concept planner who does not believe in templated party and wedding designs, has created special events that feature elaborate details with distinctive touches that are representative of each host’s unique style of entertaining. Hannah is distinctively known for creating weddings and parties that are original, sophisticated and ones that are filled with exquisite taste and intricacy. The team has staged some of the most talked about events such as Tatler Weddings, REIW Galas, and have created lavish wedding themes namely, Cherry Blossom Fantasy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Cabaret Splendor and the Enchanted Gardens. Hannah and team have also cast their creative magic in cities such as Bali, Chennai, Penang, Seychelles and Tokyo.

Wedding Concierge, helmed by Kim Tay, has built for itself a reputation for creating weddings with a personal touch, and being known for its commitment to making every wedding stress free and memorable for couples. It does this by personalising every event with elements which make a celebration that much more intimate and unforgettable. An example of this would be pop art T-shirts that are specially printed and used to dress guest chairs at a reception. Doubling as decoration and wedding favours that guests can take home, ideas like these make a wedding stick in the memories of families and guests for a long time.

As veterans in the wedding industry, with more than a decade of planning experience and designing expertise, we pride ourselves in creating events that evoke beauty and sophistication. We believe every wedding is the perfect reflection of our couples as well as the planner. It is the orchestra of a skilled team and not an individual to whip out a cherished wedding experience that guests will remember and talk about. We believe in entertaining guests in style, while immersing them in a full sensory experience, not always present in every wedding.

With this vision in mind, Heaven’s Gift and Wedding Concierge have combined and expanded our team to offer couples a complete suite of weddings services, from conceptualising and creating wedding designs, to coordinating the wedding and seeing to all the deliverables and fine details. With a very experienced team of wedding planners, Heaven’s Gift Wedding Concierge takes all the nitty-gritty of organisational work off couples during the preparation stage, and on the actual day, undertake all coordination and liaison work so that they can thoroughly enjoy themselves and spend quality time with family and friends who have come to celebrate with them.

Our newly launched e-boutique, Celebrate Heaven is your go-to place for elegant wedding accessories and apparels such as couture flower girl dresses, fancy designer paper tableware, handcrafted jewel bouquets and ring pillows.